Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


that was so good! yeh

Nice one.. u should make more

I rather liked this... I love Pirates.. Especially half-witted ones. U should make more of these. The Captain seems pretty funny and I'd like to see more of that Green drunkard at the end of the bar.
There is alot of potential here, u can expand on the characters quite a bit.. turn it into a mini-series or something.

Although I didnt mind the text(especially since i had as much time as I wanted to read them) I would suggest having them speak next time. It just adds so much. Especially accented with 'pirate speak' and some Olde English.
Also, some facial features(Eyes.. mouth.. ect) and basic expressions would be very nice.

I was thinking for the next episode, Cpt Blu would have spent/gambled away/squandered/Lost ect. most of the treasure; that would get him and his crew back out on teh high seas. U co8uld gvie them a new ship too.. the Britsh Frigates of those times were KILLER. Fast, roomy and heavily armed vessles; they were to be feared.
U could bring back Marcus as well as either a rival or they must set aside tehir differences and team up to accomplish something... i dunno.

Btw, isn't the name of the pirate's ship, Kaizoku, Japanese for Pirate(roughly anyways)? Or am I mistaken?

Worth a look

It was a little too long, and I dislked the little play button in the bottum right corner.

Good original story providing enough to keep interested.


That movie was freekin awesome!!!!

THIS IS G R E A T ! ! !

This movie is just the best of movie of all.
i get a pirate feelin.

KEEP UP, Kaptain ;)