Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


Wow, i watched this along time ago, I never knew who made this, and never guessed it was the person who later made one of the best series on NG, Bad guys. Did you rip those sounds from that old pirate game or watever, I knew the guy who wrote that game, congrats on a old good work


I thought this was a really cool animation and I'm glad I found it.

Even though they were sticks they were well-animated. I'm not sure what some people mean by bad animation as it was quite good.

Thanks for the laughs!

Quite good work

Very nice movie, I really missed some music and other sounds though.


This is extremely well done, despite the cruddy animation and lack of sound. The fact of the matter is that the writing in here is remarkable, and the sense of style impeccable, which makes this a very good piece.

I'm sorry.

The lack of sound just killed it for me...
Everything else i loved.
You're one hell of an animator.