Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"

Yargh...No voice acting?!

It had a lot of potential but here are some reasons why I did or didn't give you tens.

Graphics-Good not top quality but Captain Red's death scene was awesome.
Sound-wtf! I seriously would have given you a ten overall if you had pirate voice acting, even bad pirate voice acting. SERIOUSLY. *sigh* oh well.
Violence-Needed some more but it would just be extra icing for something already good.
Interactivity-bleh i dont care its a freaking flash video.
Humor-This section also had a lot of untapped potential but again extra icing.

Great job. Aar pirates. I hope I'll see more.

:) Awesome

This was really good. Awesome fights and story and everything about it was good. You did a very good job wih this :)

wow, just wow

it had no sound (only a bit) but l like the way u did it, very funny

Beats the hell out of Pirates of the Carribean.

Cmon sparrows aint that funny ppl.

hahaha good job

if this had some voices it would be even funnier. nice work though