Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"

It was good.

The colors could have been better. I also did'nt like clicking for the next scene. It was a bit too quiet too.

I was a bit dissapointed

but then again i did watch bad guys first and i presume that you made this before bad guys.

It is interesting to see how you flash skills have developed from this to bad guys.

This one was pretty good though, only problom was the lack of sounds and sometimes the blue captains words were a little hard to read because there was a dark background.

Other than that I loved your use of subtle humor and the soundtracks were pretty good.

Have a Nice Day!

great flash, even greater when it was made

so you were about 20 when you made this masterpiece, i was feeling jealous... but when i turn 20 i'll be able to make good shit like this, so its not so bad... i first saw this when i was 14 but i cant remember where cos i didn't discover new grounds until much later, so its been a fond memory for 3 years... i think.. this is a sweet flash!

W00t! Stick Pirates!

I loved this!

Graphics: 8. well animated, and nice art.

Style: 8. A nice twist on the usual stick movies.

Sound: 5. Good FX, but voice-acting would be nice.

Violence: 8. Excellently animated swordfights, add some footwork and they're perfect.

Humor: 8. The jokes in here are great. Stuff like, "Men! Why aren't you killing him?" or "you sonofabitch! You cut off my hand!" They're funny by themselves.

Very nice job, I voted 5.


Hey,isn't that songs from monkey island?:P.Hmm...The show's okay.