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Reviews for "Cybergenic 1: Prequel"

O M G !!! i never even seen that coming !!!the plot could do with a it of tweaking but DAMN that was great can wait for the full game if its as good or better than this teaser !!! NICE ONE :) :) :)

Love this style. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to most 3D Story Games. That twist came out of the blue, good job on the story!!
.5 reducted for comic sans ;-)

if you would like my feedback just ask

VIPStranger responds:

I don't want to ask.

Model is sexy and hot, but the static page navigation kind of kills the mood

Didn't play the whole game, but lasted atleast 3-5 minutes.
The dialog optitons are too close to each other. The screen flashes after each click and send you to a new page. It feels really cheap.