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Reviews for "Madness:Vengeance"

The background feels a bit overly open, especially when they zoom in - it becomes a backdrop more than a background, but the action's solid! Creative costumes and weaponry too. Whole new level.


thece responds:

will try harder in making outside BG,also that hat boi is kenamy sprites so yea,im just using it lol
thanks for the review

Well, good animation, but ears died after these sounds effect, but it was nice, 10/12

thece responds:


Zapchon responds:


Bloody nice work here!

thece responds:

hehe boi.....


Cool, a 1v1 madness!
Thats something that I havent seem many people do (which I wish many people would do), since everyone just goes for a single or a small group of protagonists against an army of easy enemies. So its a nice and refreshing thing to see a 1v1 madness reminiscent of those stickfight anims like RHG and Dojo Duels, but in mandess.

Me likey.

Great Work

thece responds:

ken is a stick dude too,so this is the best way for a bday gift for him,i think