Reviews for "Little fly"

I liked it! Really good, especially for first animation!

Love it! Well done!

I actually shat my shit when i watched this simply amazing and well done, enjoy the 5 my good person.

A stop-motion animation that is both cute AND creepy.
If there is one kind of animation that I absolutely adore, that would be stop-motion. The artistry behind moving inanimate objects and giving them different expressions, poses, styles and appearences so that ultimately they can tell a story is something not only worthy of praise, but I think it is also one of the most personal and beautiful ways an artist can tell a story.
I really liked your movie. I especially liked how the main character is an adorable little girl that is forced to face a disgusting and terrifying fly. I loved how the general bright color scheme and the cute and innocent character models contrast with the overall frightening tone of the movie; not a lot of people can pull that off, but you sure did.
The animation itself is superb; everything looks fluid, and the general character movements and prop design is remarkable. I especially like how you managed to despict the wind moving the windows. Likewise, the ambient itself is well-done; there are some genuinely scary and suspenseful moments in this film. I really liked the ending too, particularly it manages to be a "kind-of-positive" ending, and yet it manages to remain kind of ambiguous.
My only complaints would be it's short length and that the lightning in some scenes was too dark, for example, in the first appearence of the monster. I would have liked more that the movie featured more scenes with the monster; especially because the doll/puppet is marvelously made. However, the scenes with the red lightning were very well-made, and the camera work is good, as it captures every scene properly and in a way we can see everything without impairements or issues on-screen.
All in all, this is a good stop-motion movie and a delightful entry for Newgrounds. I think that it came out pretty well. Good job!

Jesus Christ, it's too adorable and it's stop motion!