Reviews for "Creepiest House Escape"

Awesome game!

it was fun. good job!

Very easy but still fun as always. I wanted some scares!

@Ericho Please don't post a walkthrough in the comments. It spoils the fun of the challenge. Let people figure it out for themselves.

Turn the green light on to get the key underneath. Go to the chest and get the knob for the TV. Notice the triangle, star, and octagon on the TV. Open the door next to the chest with the key. Inside, click on the Roman numerals with III, V, and VIII to get the skull. Go to the purse (?) and click on green, yellow, red, and blue in that order for the second skull (holy crap, I did that all on my own!).

Put in 4132 for the green door to get the handle. Attach the handle on the green fridge to get the meat. Give the meat to the alligator. Take the rusty bar from the window. Use the bar to pry open the chest to get the bucket. Fill the bucket with water from the sink (best of these games ever!)