Reviews for "Starlight Wrangler"

Really liked the game.
Thought the Character design was charming and the gameplay was fast and fun.

trixelbit responds:

Thank you, I'm happy you digged it!

there is something wierdly coded about this game that makes it lag quickly after you hit the enemies.

trixelbit responds:

hmmmm, I've never seen/notice that. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look more into fixing that problem.

Really good game!

(also, is this game made with Gamemaker? Nice, I use that, too!)

trixelbit responds:

Ey, Gamer Maker squad! Just upgraded from 1.4 to 2 the other day. Glad you dig the game!

Feels like a good and fun game, especially for a 2 day jam. Perhaps you'd want to spawn blumbo's to the right as well as they only seem to spawn on the left side.

trixelbit responds:

Im glad you liked it! I'll look into pushing out an update with better randomization of enemy spawns. Thanks for the suggestion!

I mean for a 2 day engine made, week polished little guy.
I see the appeal :D

While I personally couldn't get over 40 in the 10 mins I've spent playing the game, it's cool, and helped me earn an achievement on new grounds.
I guess different enemy types, and maybe multiple arenas could have been nice I love the star parallax, it's really nifty :D

different enemy patterns would be cool too, like maybe some triangle enemies that attack in a diving pattern, or broken heart enemies that cling to your staff and block attacks for a while. keep it up

trixelbit responds:

Dude, Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions! I like the ideas for the different enemy variances. I'll probably incorporate that into another update of this game or sequel.
Im glad you enjoyed!