Reviews for "Starlight Wrangler"

Absolutely LOVELY graphics! The style and appeal of it is absolutely fantastic. However, gameplay wise, the mechanic is inspired, but appears to need some polishing. It's way too difficult to juggle the moving blumbos, especially when you get gangbanged by several at once. All in all, a very charming game!

this game is fucking awesome dude! I love this cute little avatar and this music is boppin!

Nice game,great music but a bit too repetitive

The concept for the game, the audio, and the visuals are top-notch, but the gameplay is quite repetitive and can be easilly exploited by simply spam clicking.

Great music and art-style and the concept is fun for a short little game but the gameplay is really frustrating. The glumbos appear so slowly and move so irregularly that stringing together combos is agonizing and, occasionally, a blumbo will snipe you at random and take a heart with seemingly no way to defend yourself. Great idea but needs some serious polishing.