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Reviews for "Sunglasses."

extremely well done

i agree that the choice in background color was the correct one. blue would have offset the palette you display in this piece. fantastic work, love the simple pen with nice solid colors. im jealous haha

ghlow responds:

thanks :D:D

Man she makes me want a cigarette

She makes it seem so sexy and care-free...Damn you and your excellent art!

I know

A woman named Heather, she's a stripper, and she looks just like this. So your art is an 11 out of 10 beautiful. I love it, and I have to show it to her, thanks.


Very simple, but effective. I like the strong bold design, it feels like an art nouveau poster, especially with the subdued colors and large areas of textured flatness.

Beardsley, eat your heart out! :3


can i get it as a poster? :D
dont worry, im not gonna sell it
awesome job anyways

ghlow responds:

Well, as much as I would like to sell you a /nice/ poster, my current situation doesn't allow me to complete monetary transactions online.

However, the license I put it up under allows you to use it as long as you credit me, don't make any money, and don't alter it in any way, so I don't really have a problem with you printing it out and sticking it up. This is really low resolution, though, and you aren't allowed to resize it, so it won't be a very big poster.