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Reviews for "Sunglasses."


I think the sky should have been blue...It would've provided great contrast to the reds and yellows...It seems a bit washed out and draws your eye to that vs drawing ones eye to the figure which is superb! :)

ghlow responds:

thanks, i see what you mean, with the red/yellow/blue primary color thing going on. I think the reason it ended up this way is because i originally drew it on a brown background, but i decided to add a blue overtone to it, resulting in a beige color. Finding the perfect tone is always a huge challenge for me, so thanks for the input :D


I disagree with the person below me. The off toned beige adds sort of a ominous feel to the picture, blue sky would scream normality. If the sky was blue I wouldn't like it nearly as much. It also works well with the reds and yellows imo.

ghlow responds:

thank you <3

10/10 !

is this hand drawing? how did you color it? 10/10 btw :D

ghlow responds:

it was drawn by hand, then linearted and colored in photoshop ^^
the sketch is superimposed over the colored version.


This actually looks a lot like a cartoonified, black haired Scarlett Johansson, particularly in the face.. I mean seriously :P Besides that it looks really "professional" in the sense that it doesn't have any obvious flaws to me.. Just a little bit too skinny if you ask me, but guess that's the point :O

Beautiful Picture you get here!

I love how the colors blend together. Very nice drawing, your vey talented. Oh. I also love how you put the red in the pictur, the red make the picture look popped out. Also i like the yellow in it. This picure is very different. GOOD JOB! keep up the good work and i would love to see more. (:

ghlow responds:

you will definitely be seeing more in this style ^^ I have to do 10 more for school, not counting book.