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Reviews for "Sunglasses."

Man she makes me want a cigarette

She makes it seem so sexy and care-free...Damn you and your excellent art!


That's the first word that comes to my mind when I see this illustration...

ghlow responds:

This makes me happy! it's supposed to be a "character study" that focuses more on the subject's personality than anything else, so i'm glad that came across for you!

extremely well done

i agree that the choice in background color was the correct one. blue would have offset the palette you display in this piece. fantastic work, love the simple pen with nice solid colors. im jealous haha

ghlow responds:

thanks :D:D


I disagree with the person below me. The off toned beige adds sort of a ominous feel to the picture, blue sky would scream normality. If the sky was blue I wouldn't like it nearly as much. It also works well with the reds and yellows imo.

ghlow responds:

thank you <3


I think the sky should have been blue...It would've provided great contrast to the reds and yellows...It seems a bit washed out and draws your eye to that vs drawing ones eye to the figure which is superb! :)

ghlow responds:

thanks, i see what you mean, with the red/yellow/blue primary color thing going on. I think the reason it ended up this way is because i originally drew it on a brown background, but i decided to add a blue overtone to it, resulting in a beige color. Finding the perfect tone is always a huge challenge for me, so thanks for the input :D