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Reviews for "Sunglasses."


Very simple, but effective. I like the strong bold design, it feels like an art nouveau poster, especially with the subdued colors and large areas of textured flatness.

Beardsley, eat your heart out! :3


This actually looks a lot like a cartoonified, black haired Scarlett Johansson, particularly in the face.. I mean seriously :P Besides that it looks really "professional" in the sense that it doesn't have any obvious flaws to me.. Just a little bit too skinny if you ask me, but guess that's the point :O


As soon as i saw it
It reminded me about Italy for some reason...
very nice!

I know

A woman named Heather, she's a stripper, and she looks just like this. So your art is an 11 out of 10 beautiful. I love it, and I have to show it to her, thanks.

10/10 !

is this hand drawing? how did you color it? 10/10 btw :D

ghlow responds:

it was drawn by hand, then linearted and colored in photoshop ^^
the sketch is superimposed over the colored version.