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Reviews for "Sunglasses."

Digging The Style

I really like your style. You make use of hard edges while maintaining a fluid and organic look. What is your preferred medium?

I hope you keep submitting regularly.

ghlow responds:

haha i know im replynig ridiculously hella late, but i use photoshop cs3 for pretty much everything that i dont do in pencil. Thanks for the nice words.

Beautiful Picture you get here!

I love how the colors blend together. Very nice drawing, your vey talented. Oh. I also love how you put the red in the pictur, the red make the picture look popped out. Also i like the yellow in it. This picure is very different. GOOD JOB! keep up the good work and i would love to see more. (:

ghlow responds:

you will definitely be seeing more in this style ^^ I have to do 10 more for school, not counting book.

The spine..

On the back, is there meant to be a slight outline of the spine on her back? also, if its meant to be a random character study, then shouldn't they look more.....generic? I mean it may look more random if you do an ensemble piece of work but i think it would need more elaboration than the given information.


can i get it as a poster? :D
dont worry, im not gonna sell it
awesome job anyways

ghlow responds:

Well, as much as I would like to sell you a /nice/ poster, my current situation doesn't allow me to complete monetary transactions online.

However, the license I put it up under allows you to use it as long as you credit me, don't make any money, and don't alter it in any way, so I don't really have a problem with you printing it out and sticking it up. This is really low resolution, though, and you aren't allowed to resize it, so it won't be a very big poster.


I wish I could better describe my reaction. At any rate, this is pretty awesome. Took me a second to realize the backdrop was a skyscape and not just a mottled green surface. The only thing I might suggest is maybe a little more in the backdrop for context (e.g. city skyline). I was hoping to see more in the same vein as your superstition piece though.

ghlow responds:

The superstition sort of painterly style tend to be my default style, but I chose to do the concentration this way because it's more design-oriented and more print-type illustration. There will definitely be more painterly works intermittently or after the conclusion of this series. :D