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Reviews for "Waleegee's Sm4sh Quest Deluxe"

how do i kill luigi?!
i use the rockets, they dont hurt him
i get him to hit himself with the redshell no damage?!

teejay-number13 responds:

You have to hit him with all four rockets to pop a balloon.

Awesome game and concept, Inkopolis is by far the hardest level in my opinion

the game is pretty rough on the lifes.. but super fun and creative story keep up the awesome parodies if you want help with any ideas i love coming up with them for a parodies
-does not save data

-not enough after lives should have one or two more

-could be speed up a little bit or be able to push screen forward little bit faster by running. driving forward.

Medals look awesome but cant get them cause of issues :/

So far I'm stuck on Inkopolis but I like the game.

Some pretty cheap enemy placements but Waluigi is god so therefore i do not care