Reviews for "Rawest Forest Reanimated Collab"

Glad to know the original's still in high regard.

Im in silence, THE BEST, THIS IS A EPIC MARIO RPG COLLABORATION. P.S Geno for Smash bros.

A big text is incoming.

So, that's incredibly amazing as well. There's no words I can describe this that isn't "epic" or "outstanding". It's simply like that.
That's basically my childhood right there and other people as well, with another ones who wanted to join and make a tribute to everyone's childhood and Kirbopher as well, who gave us Rawest Forest and the Waltz on The Forest as well.
I was since a kid a Nintendo fan, due to the fact my first console was a NES (Yeah, a NES at 2010). When I discovered YT, the first videos I've saw was Mario animations and musics, like Mario vs Sonic anims, SMBZ and Rawest Forest.

I loved that tribute and guys, keep growing at your EPIC work, and good job at making this!
Also Christoper Niosi, please don't stop animating OUTSTANDING animations, because they will live at people's hearts as well in mines.

I remember watching the original years ago. Watching this remake actually gave me chills.
(Now I'm gonna have this damn song stuck in my head all over again!)

I'll admit, even though Mario's my rival and all, I thought this animation was cool! Nice job!

BrandyBuizel responds:

Thanks Sonic! You're my best friend

RGPAnims responds: