Reviews for "Rawest Forest Reanimated Collab"

This is pure nostalgia

A classic Newgrounds animation redone with the collaboration between multiple animators, what's not awesome about that?

Amazingly done, everyone involved did a wonderful job on this.

Bro I LOVED Rawest Forest! I use it watch it all the time when I was younger. Its the only reason I knew what Super Mario RPG was. Great to see this animation in a new light.

God! A classic of it's time! I excuse the animation for the nostalgia of it's time. Good to know that you finally remade this. This (semi)ORIGINAL VERSION of the piece where the version from 2011 was actually the copy. I will admit that I watched the 2011 thing first, but it's always awesome to come back to the OG being this! Super hyped to see this masterpiece remade!