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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

not bad just a bit clunky 5 minute time waster

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, there's a lot I could've done better here. Not enough time spent making the game in general feel good. My mistake was being too laser focused in specific parts of development, and didn't see the big picture. Part of that is probably my lack of experience. I roll with the idea that making something new is the best use of what I learned here. To turn this game into what I want it to be now would require way too much to be redone.

I'd be inclined to agree that it's a "bit clunky". I'll try to do better next game. (but keep in mind it does help to be more specific with your issues with the game)

This is a luck-based game..

Amni3D responds:

Hmmm... I'd agree to an extent. With how these games work once you get a feel for the mechanics, the random generation weighs you down less.

I somehow am experiencing a bug where I can't see anything

Amni3D responds:

Have no clue, and this is the first I've heard of that. Like the game just loads, and it doesn't display anything? No error, as in it fully loaded? If you want me to fix it, I'll need more info to work with. So anything helps, like

-What machine, what web browser
-Check if other web games have this issue. Specifically check Unity WEBGL games in Newgrounds and see if there's an issue there.

By the way, if you're using a web browser like Brave, a massive majority of web games just won't run unless you give the site explicit permission, but past that it can work fine.

Could be a plugin blocking certain content. Try on a vanilla version of Microsoft Edge or Firefox and see what's up there, worst case scenario. I'll likely make an offline build soon enough and link it in the description just in case something went wrong loading it on a web browser.

controls are counter intuitive- why not arrow keys or wasd like any other game. X,C & space aren't comfortable. A,D and space would be better or better yet up to jump, down to dive and right to dash. Also how do you stop at shops????????????? by sheer luck i managed to stop a couple times, i think i pressed left or space at the right time.

Amni3D responds:

This, I disagree with. WASD or arrow keys make no sense for this kind of game since it's not direction (jump, dash/glide, dive). If the keyboard controls really bother you, there's also controller bindings. I didn't think it was worth it to have rebind-able controls sine this is a web game, but I guess even that's valuable.

To stop at a shop, you just run near it. To skip a shop, you jump over it.

oof this game is pretty hard and made it almost to end on first try then died half way on second try cause i missed the shop one time..
High score is 1,144
around 1060 there to green cannon that shoots you to really high plat form but if you miss not to jump or something you just fall straight in pit and loose all live happened twice any way you can move that big high chuck of land closer to cannon by little bit like 2 feet? I wanna see full map maybe if im good enough but traps like that are confusing cause some tiems i double jump to use cannons and after cant jump and just fall

Amni3D responds:

In hind sight, this game has a bit of a learning curve. Which considering it's a web game probably isn't the best. People suggested lives or checkpoints, and I think that really could've helped. I probably should've done more R&D in making the core platforming more in depth as well. Combined with checkpoints, that would've lead to longer more interesting (and more fun) runs, while not slapping new players too hard.

But at this point, that's fiddling with the design a little much.