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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

I like the short and simple gameplay but I'd like to list off a couple things I'd like to see changed
Flavor text that pops up when you die should also show up at the shop.
I think if the slopes were curved in more varied angles along with being packed slightly closer together and the game was slightly more physics focused the dive and dash would be more of a utility than necessity and would make the game more varied and fun.
Those are just some nitpicks and ideas but I think you did a good job.

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, I went out of my way to implement slope physics, but I ended up down playing it. It turns out an endless runner with very variable speed introduced a bunch of design issues I didn't know how to deal with at that time.

Not bad. I like it.

Amni3D responds:


There's a really solid foundation here, nice!

Some notes:
+ I really like the fisheye effect allowing me to see further ahead while retaining the speed and feel of 2d platforming!
- The shop should perhaps not be completely randomized as getting 2 copies of the same item can feel very unfair.
+ Buying health hurts your progress towards gaining levels and is a great way to force risk-reward type decisions on players.
- Some level pieces lure the player into unavoidable deaths. Although maybe you don't want to remove this from ever happening, it feels a little too frequent now. Perhaps pits can respawn players safely at their end at the cost of 1 life instead of instantly killing.
- The slime's crouch takes a long time making it so that when I run up to it (almost) crouched I can't really tell when it's going to jump.
+ Aesthetically pleasing game! Music and visuals don't stand out too much but communicate clearly and serve the gameplay well.

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, a checkpoint or lives system could've worked pretty well, I feel.
I think a lot of the "unavoidable deaths" are the cause of a camera that needed a little more work, however :v A lot of deaths could've been prevented if the camera jeered after hitting a dash hoop, for example. Would've probably looked cooler too.

But hey, I'd like to think this game helped me be more competent all around. As flawed as I acknowledge it is, I'm glad you peeps found fun from it!

Some of the mechanics and design in this game aren't ideal, but I'm the type of person who can admire artistry and ambition, and this certainly is ambitious. Good job.

Amni3D responds:

"Some of the mechanics and design in this game aren't ideal"
I'm inclined to agree, yeah.
"and this certainly is ambitious."
Sometimes I wonder that since I had it chalked up as "generic endless runner". But then I realize there isn't much that plays like this in specific. Which implies it's something new, at least. I tried to make the endless runner I wanted to play, but by the time I think I figured out what that would look like a little more, the game was already done with all it's issues :v
But people are having fun despite that, so there's probably some merit in this flavor of the idea.

I'm immediately getting Sonic vibes with the character. He runs like him, boosts like him, stomps like him...

Was this originally from the Generations engine?

Amni3D responds:

Heavy Sonic inspiration indeed (although I don't feel that it plays like him in practice: different gameplay loop, downplays momentum in comparison, etc).

The game didn't start out as a mod or fangame, or anything to do with Generations in specific. I just took heavy inspiration from Sonic Runners particularly.