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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

Game is great but I got to 4km and my character turned invisible and I died.

Amni3D responds:

You mean the invincibility buffer? Yeah, it might be a little short.
(although I do think it feels weird, otherwise.)

Can you explain why the medals are not working for me? Besides that I like this game.

Amni3D responds:

I fixed a bunch of medal related bugs, and I'm pretty confident at this point that the game unlocks medals just fine. Can you unlock medals in other games right now?
Also, try logging off and back in, and reloading the page [TECH SUPPORT MODE: OFF]

The game feels smooth, I like this game.

Amni3D responds:

Thanks! I think that's in part that Unity web games run better than Flash web games. I think it's also that I wanted to have a sense of momentum in this game, as opposed to having all the physics be pointlessly binary, so a lot of how you gain and keep speed is defined as smooth.

Although, I'll admit the game does tone down what kind of speed you can get a little much.

Pretty fun. Maybe some missions in next update?

Amni3D responds:

I probably won't update this more as my priority is to make more things. I don't mind the idea I ended up with this game, but I think the execution needs some work before I'd bother with meaty content updates.

Fun! A little bit glitchy though
I had one death where there was a pit and I half-fell in so that I could double jump out and it gave me a game over screen
I also had one where I got stuck on a ledge right behind me, and I don't know really know anything about game development but it may have been due to the hair having a hitbox and it sort of hooking me to that platform

Amni3D responds:

Yeah. The problem is that I decided to code the collision detection myself on top of sloppy intersecting collision made on the spot. So a good portion of the collision code is trying to interpret just what's actually going on, rather than instead just offering a better collision mesh. This is one of my biggest mistakes with the code base- trying to use a bunch of intersecting collision to "save time" but end up spending more time trying to make it work.

I'm aware of the bug, but I likely won't end up fixing it.