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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

Wth, when i am picking up the bottle while running i dont level up
Edit:Ok, thanks

Amni3D responds:

The bottle refills stamina; doesn't level you up.
There *is* an item that levels you up during normal gameplay outside of the shop, but it's rare.

Holy shit dude this is amazing! the level of polish you've put into this is actually pretty amazing. It feels really good to move about and the game runs super smooth on my shitty laptop, and that says a lot. The graphics for the items you purchase are really cool and the prices are pretty fair. It's a little jarring not having a pause button but i don't really think it's nessisary considering the checkpoints. The music is really nice too, but a little repetitive. Still, I'm super impressed with this. Good job!

Amni3D responds:

Holy crap, thanks! There actually is pause functionality coded in, but used only for testing. I'll think about implementing pausing functionality in a new update, maybe have a timer to it? There's the issue someone might make a tool to spam pause to play the game in half speed, which isn't fair considering there's a scoreboard.

Really though, thanks. I'm glad people like the game.

Solid game with nice style and polish.
My head hurts though.

Edit: Removing fish eye effect makes it more playable, but may take away some of the style. Still looks excellent though.
Keep working on it, experiment with different intensities of it.

Amni3D responds:

Geez, on second thought, the fisheye is that bad, huh?
I'll update the game.

EDIT: Thanks! The input is helpful. I'm trying different ways to make the camera work better.

Interesting game, but the camera view makes it a bit confusing. Lots of times you simply don't see where are you supposed to land. Especially those changing angles are annoying.

Also sometimes there is a problem with bad design of the subsequent platforms. I met a situation in which I had high ground in front of me, but no booster up.


As for the stage design: I just have been thrown out of a booster in a way that simply gave me no chance of reaching the next platform...

And another situation: I fell being completely unable to see what is below me...

A suggestion: zoom out the view... I simply would want to SEE where am I going, otherwise the game is just becoming luck-based, not skill-based.

Amni3D responds:

I see. The fisheye effect was inspired by Sonic Xtreme. I know that it was a love it or hate it kind of thing with how it works. On one side, you can see more, on the other side it might be confusing to a few players.

Also, as difficulty progresses, you're expected to spend some of your stamina to make it through an area, often with water bottles nearby to refill stamina if you really can't make it. The boosters also refill a small portion of your stamina as well. Remember you can double jump and dash when you need to. If you're really having trouble, focus more on leveling up, and as such collect more coins and visit the shop more often.

EDIT: As for your edits, I'll look into updating the build. Changing the game's design entirely isn't feasible, but stuff like "zooming out the view" and increasing the glide's view offset can be taken into account.