Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Wonderfully economical, both in development and in execution. I love how you made such fiendishly, finger-mashingly tricky levels from a few basic elements, and how versatile you made those elements.

I got to the end with $8.10, only losing a few cents on the last level. (I can't help but wonder if you get a different ending for finishing faster or with more money…?)

Also, I personally don't think this needed more levels, or at least not many more. The sassy spirit's dialogue helped to keep it enjoyable, but I would probably have gotten weary before the end if it went on much longer. This was an excellent example of achieving perfection when there's nothing to take away.


That said, a couple of things seemed superfluous, or at least to hint at a different development trajectory: the slimes and the sword. The sword does nothing but break the doors at the end of each level and stab away at the harmless, apparently-solid slimes. Those seem like a hint that you meant to do more with the sword/enemy mechanic but didn't get around to it?

The movable platform was also an interesting touch, but it was so isolated I could interpret it as a one-off mechanic to reduce tedium. It's just how the slimes and the sword were so rich with potential yet so oddly useless that made them stand out.

The only other thing I didn't love was the conveyor belt; it was really hard to move on those with any precision, and it wasn't clear until my second playthrough that you could move backwards on them next to the spikes. (Which, at the time, would kill me if I touched the sides; I can see you adjusted that.)

Great work, this was a really fantastic game!

saantonandre responds:

Thanks for your in-depth review!
There IS another ending.
If I add more levels they will be played outside of the main run.
About the sword and the slimes, I've coded this game aiming for it to be a metroidvania, then I've changed my mind but I did already draw the sprites... so there you go, you can also spawn other monsters with the keys from 1 to 5 (enjoy while it lasts, I'll probably remove 'em next patches)
I'm gettin lot of negative feedback about the speeders, I might slow them down a bit

Great game, I personally love the dash, reminds me of Celeste, which is a game that I loved ever since I started playing, same thing applies here, the characters are really charming, despite not having any story to them whatsoever, I also personally love the sprites, so simple yet so charming, overall, everything is great, music is great, gameplay is great and the story is very funny, 10/10 would recommend

saantonandre responds:

Wow bro thanks a lot!

​What's this I see? Another precision platformer game? Well aren't I just a sucker for mental anguish and punishment? (Answer: yes).

This is so beautifully designed and put together, though, so to be honest despite the murderous rage and multiple deaths I had an amazing time playing through this game. The humour is great, the levels are all awesome and the payoff at the end (regardless of which ending you get) is totally worth the effort.

If any of you have played ANY kind of rage platformer and not destroyed your computer playing it, definitely dive into this one and give it a go, you shall not be disappointed! Well, I mean, you will be after being reminded that you've died for the 50th time, but aside from that...

As for you, good sir dev, keep up the amazing work and I'll keep coming back for more! =)


I've come to the conclusion that the second character bullies me. Great game btw

this game was really fun,you should continue making platformers,the story was funny,good job

saantonandre responds:

Thanks! don't know tho, I would like to experiment on other genres. Let's see :)