Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

i almost didn't have enough money, good thing im a completionist, but this game rocked

Absolutely fantastic game! Had just enough rage to where I get aggravated but not so much as to where I rage quit, the remarks from the ghost girl were hilarious and I like all the different creative obstacles you put in there and it lasts not too long but not too short and it is nearly a perfect game. I got a game over but I will be more than happy to play this again to try to win.

EDIT: I won. Overlord is a d**k, he called pizza dude a peasant, after giving him only a 0.75 coin tip! (though the low tip is kinda my fault). I might try to win getting every coin to see if I can get a different ending.

4.5/5 - Great Game.

saantonandre responds:

Thanks! unfortunately there are only 2 endings at the moment, none of which requires you to get *every* coin. I might add a third ending in the near future

Pretty solid and addicting, the controls were engaging and pretty easy to use, also quite nice humor, adds to the enjoyment factor. I'm a pretty big fan of great platformers, this game really scratches that itch. Few tidbits, the physics were a tad shoddy, but they were only minor, and probably could use more levels, this game was FUN, hope maybe this game gets an expansion in the future

saantonandre responds:

Thanks, the controls are generally the most criticized aspect of this game, it's nice to hear you found them comfy!
Maybe in the future I'll make some more levels, or a sequel with better levels. But I might also work on completely different stuff

It borrows some things from Celeste, which is good. The only thing that troubled me a little is that if you run, jump and stop holding the D key in the air the character automatically stops. The soundtrack is great. Cute little game (I wish that it was longer).

Smug ghost girl is now my waifu
Great game

saantonandre responds:

Yup I got some references from celeste, like the dash animation(to some extent) and the wobbly voices!
I'm getting lot of complaints about the sudden stops in the air, but that is crucial to make precise jumps. I tried to set the rules clear about it with the first levels but apparently people prefers to have jumping momentum even tho it would increase the amount of failed landings (and deaths) ...

It ok. I was hoping from a ton of non-obvious Deceptive style traps, but hey. Also was hoping would be some disgruntled builders still waiting to get paid you could maim. Why don't you send the ghost thing to get the pizza?

saantonandre responds:

The ghost can't interact with physical objects (she clearly pass through walls), also the pizza guy can't probably see her -but even if- I doubt she would be the type to just go and fetch your pizza x)