Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Very well done. I especially enjoyed the banter between Master and Minion.

Nicely done!

great game!

please, send me the text below!

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saantonandre responds:

dude just stop using internet explorer ffs... we are in 2019 and devs still have to suffer for a browser that doesn't care about common standards

The banter with the ghost was great.

What's up with all the unused NPCs spawnable with the number keys and the alternate artstyle you get by pressing Tab?

saantonandre responds:

The game had to be a metroidvania, those were some monsters I made in early development and idk, I left them here as a little easter egg. Same for the TAB artstyle, at some point I reworked the spritesheet but then I decided not to make it so "old timey"