Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Played this back when i didn't have an account. Awesome game, cool characters, and funny dialogue. Made me rage a lot, but it's amazing. I really wish it was longer.

What can I say? Begone, Ghost girl, I've only died 117 times alright! Mistakes were made!

Superb game, nice graphism and while difficult, it's not unfair. Totally worth it! Plus like for the Ghost comments throughout the game

​What's this I see? Another precision platformer game? Well aren't I just a sucker for mental anguish and punishment? (Answer: yes).

This is so beautifully designed and put together, though, so to be honest despite the murderous rage and multiple deaths I had an amazing time playing through this game. The humour is great, the levels are all awesome and the payoff at the end (regardless of which ending you get) is totally worth the effort.

If any of you have played ANY kind of rage platformer and not destroyed your computer playing it, definitely dive into this one and give it a go, you shall not be disappointed! Well, I mean, you will be after being reminded that you've died for the 50th time, but aside from that...

As for you, good sir dev, keep up the amazing work and I'll keep coming back for more! =)


neat little game,the ghost girl is like the fairy from the legend of zelda,but less annoying,and more cute

This a fantastic game! I love how clean the visuals are, and the dialogue is just hilarious.