Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Pretty awesome game. Highly responsive and good difficulty curve. Only change I would say is the music to something more fitting. Seems a lil' bit too silly for the setting, could use something more actiony to put ya in a platforming mood.

Otherwise, great overall.

this game was really fun,you should continue making platformers,the story was funny,good job

saantonandre responds:

Thanks! don't know tho, I would like to experiment on other genres. Let's see :)

A very well designed game with good humor, loved the mid jump dialog box. if only it wasn't unplayable on my laptop, because frame-rate problems kept kicking in mid jump, because of that I had to subtract points, even though all problems I found with the game were entirely my fault, for not getting a better laptop. still though, great job.

saantonandre responds:

Hey thanks! can I know which browser were you using?
trying on another browser (latest versions of firefox/chrome/edge) may solve the issue

Good music and style choice. Nice story idea. Funny dialogues. Doesn't make me mad on dying. Worthy thing.
P. S. Good final credits part!
P. P. S. Guess your texts are o'kay, but I'm also not a native English speaker.

saantonandre responds:

First time I get a compliment on the credits, thank you :)
It makes me happy whenever players manages to play it without getting mad, good job!

The amount of character you gave that ghost is amazing. New dialogs every time. Your game goes on the top game board bro.

saantonandre responds:

thanks, I'm glad you appreciated her!