Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Nice game dude, I found a bug.. I guess. Or how developer love to call it, a feature :) I'm inside a wall.. no way to get out of there. https://snag.gy/NhlTCJ.jpg . I hoped to have an affair with the ghost.. so disappointed ;\
edit1: the pizza guy only got 50 cent cause I had to refresh page
edit2: per dindirindina, ho letto ora che sei italiano. gran bel lavoro!

saantonandre responds:

OOF. I just got reported that in pm too. Gotta fix it asap, by the way you can suicide with the R key in case stuff like that happens (it never does, but just in case it does), or reload and continue. Thanks for your feedback bro!

edit: grazie :D sempre bello vedere che ci sono altri italiani in questa nicchia di internet
edit 2: the pizza guy most probably got 0.50 cents as tip, subtracting the other 8.50 coins for the pizza, you get back all the coins you gathered when you hit continue! Otherwise you would have unlocked the bad ending.

I somehow paused at the EXACT time of one of my deaths, thinking spacebar was jump again, this made the game unplayable unless I reloaded the page. I still love the game though. Good thing I just found out that I can continue from where I left off, I appreciate that unlike most other online games, yours can actually save my progress automatically. There was one part where the weird ghost thing whatever-it-is had asked if we could do the jumping speed pad part again, I feel like if you were to go back and to it again, it should unlock some extra dialogue from that character, it would be pretty cool at least.

saantonandre responds:

Didn't know there were weird interactions between the deaths and the pause button, will double check my code on that stuff. About the progress saving I just made it really simple, when you reload your page or close it, the game saves your stats on the local storage, which are just a couple of variables for now. Later on when I'll add unlockable stuff it will be a mess if you delete your browser history tho.

That extra dialogue idea is rad, it might take some extra effort to implement so maybe I'll do once I'm done with the priorities x)

i don't like the way your horizontal velocity just instantly drops to 0 when you let go of left or right while in the air.

i opened the menu thing a million times when i came upon books. because i'd hit spacebar (with natural timing) as i came upon them. and it would open the menu. unbelievably annoying.

also the sound effect on death is ripped from another game. it's a game that's on NG and it's an artsy'ish platformer that made my list of games that i considered worthy of keeping on a list. i think i have a good idea of which one it is but i'll be looking into it.

saantonandre responds:

Thanks for your review! The velocity drop is a deliberate decision, since this is a precision platformer I believe the player should have full control over the air movements. I'm sorry about the pause when going for books, I can understand it may be a little annoying to wait for them to levitate. I'll probably change that

I made ALL the sound FXs myself manually with a chiptune editor. Please check better before assuming such stuff.

edit: now you can read books as soon as you get over them, no waiting

Not really too much to say, but trust me, that's a good thing! The controls are solid, the art is good, and the premise was entertaining and funny. Overall, great work!

saantonandre responds:

I'm happy you appreciated all those aspects, thanks a lot :)

Controls and movement are fluid and precise. It was fun and challenging. Awesome job!

saantonandre responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the difficulty C: