Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Had a lotta fun with this game! Loved the characters and the humor you had going; made every death very fun instead of frustrating. Platforming felt pretty solid as well, and it was a decent challenge.

saantonandre responds:

Thanks, I enjoyed your gameplay/critique too, you did really good at my game! :)

I like this game but my frames are making it hard!

saantonandre responds:

Thanks, I'm sorry about it, do you mean the framerate? Most of the time changing/updating your browser might help, I tried to optimize as hard as I could but some browser will just execute my code on low priority (e.g. Opera, IE, outdated Firefox versions, or by just having lots of extensions running in the background)

It is a fun game but maby more enemys to ficht agains would be awesome and a easyer level designe for the beginning i was stuk in a part for a longer time than for someone that has played dishonered

saantonandre responds:

Thanks :)
Can you tell me which part troubled you? I wouldn't want anyone to get stuck :c

Nice one!

- Controls sometimes stop reacting (played with mouse, probably when it gets out of bound.). I would recommend to disable mouse usage for this game, I just checked it out to see if it was useful. Attacking and jumping with the same button is a bad idea, for it will in later development rob you of the feature of doing jump-attacks.
- Sometimes the character starts walking forward without stopping for several seconds (dieing a few times because of this) until "d" is pressed several times (no, my keyboard is fine, I doublechecked).
- After delivery, the pizza guy drives off through the wall (instead of through the door). Actually, you could make a nice finishing joke out of this - He blasts a hole into the wall when driving off, making the castle to start crumbling, leaving the Overlord with ruins - and a pizza.

The ghosts sarcasm is a bit overloaded at times - I think you went over the edge a bit here, replace 2 or 3 of of her "sarcastic" comments with "curious" comments. Also, it feels like some of the comments are the reason for the player to die sometimes, even after the Overlord asked the ghosts to stop that.

There should be an explanation somewhere midgame who that ghost is or why it is there. It feels like a tutorial companion, for it has no gameplay purpose.

saantonandre responds:

Thanks for those reports, I'm aware of some framedrops issue or control delay, most of the times it can be fixed by changing/upgrading your browser, other than that I wouldn't know how to fix it :c
There is a mid game explanation about the ghost, she just follows you because she's bored to wander alone in that empty castle.
Her "meta-purpose" was never meant to be a tutorial companion, in fact she never really helps you. Her real purpose is to keep you company through the journey, but you can disable her dialogues anytime if you find her *too* annoying (with the dialogue icon in the pause menu)

Cool music, good story, fleshed out characters, clearly fleshed out relationships, good graphics, easy controls. Really like how the fairy is so annoying, but at the same time, I hate her. Platforming is tricky, but fun. Very nice work.