Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

So there is still GREAT mateiral on Newgrounds occasionally. Well done...pretty brutal. I also wish to punch the Ghost Girl, I think it is normal human reaction after all the shit :)

At first, had some hard time with getting used to controlling but after that difficulty was fine and the game was fun!
(Because of 0.25 coin I need to play the whole game again lol)

Staring at the little dancing sprite made this nightmare worth it

FIRST TRY TOOK ME 21:41 TO BEAT THIS WITH "0" DEATHS (also by collecting all the coins)!!!

There's something bothering me. I've collected all coins expecting an different final, but... doens't have or there's some secret coins i've not collected? I've collected 9,50 and all i've seen was a line from the Pizzaboy thanking me for the extra 1,00 coins.

Anyway, i liked the game and im happy to say i've finished him without letting coins back (i suppose).

I hope you can understand me well, you know, it's hard to write a text like this without using translator (Im from Brazil)

Keep the good work xD

saantonandre responds:

Hey thanks! yeah you got every single coin (there aren't hidden coins, and you can't even dodge most of them). Currently there are only 2 endings (+different dialogues depending on completion time) but once I'm done covering small bugs I may add more content/rewards for those who get every cent :)