Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

Incredible game design, congratulations, this game it reminds me of super meat boy, the design of the main character is SSS rank, so addictive, the music incredible too, congratulations bro.

Esta a toda madre, le veo potencial.

saantonandre responds:

thank you!

"You know what my platformer could use? Instant death spikes"

saantonandre responds:

my boi, you dieded cuz of baddy spikeyis? :3
I will fix that for the next dlc. No spikes. No death conditions, you'll just need to walk right and win the game!

I liked it, it has a fair challenging difficult. For me the most enjoyable part of the game were the pixie comments. they created a really good atmosphere for all along the game. luckily I gathered all the money get the "good end" of the game. Maybe making it something longer would be cool, with more mechanics and more levels, this game still have much potential to do that.

Tried to read something, but it just pauses the game

This game caused me more deaths than shovel knight, and that's saying something. Deaths:437. Deaths in shovel knight:243. Still this game is very good, due to the interactions between different character and the design of them, and the challenge is perfect for people who want a challenge.