Reviews for "Overlord's New Mansion"

the fustration game : the third reich

very good man
muito bom

Fun game, not so much challenging but still good, i really like the graphics and both characters especially their interaction ghost girl is so smug i love it and its also funny,music i cant say much, it became...boring, i know it combines with the castle theme but i had to mute it, overall is a great game, i didnt have any real complains only small ones.

I think you should have made medals for the game, at least for not dying once or collecting all coins, the other thing is about completing the game without dying, i did get the gold armor for completing the game first time always restarting to get all coins, i liked it, but then i tried winning without dying once, after some time i did but didnt get nothing, i know you at least die once bc of the troll of ghost girl, but after you already know the troll you can survive making a dash before, i though "yeah maybe there is a achievement for winning without dying" but was kinda disappointed about this, but great game.

this game is great and funny but you know what would be cool? it that you can get something cool if you make it to the end of the game without dying once, btw in the 3 level dash over the first pit instead of jumping so you don't die

Really liked it! got 8,60 C :D

I dug the mechanics, but i have to say the conveyor belt parts tended to be a bit janky, because you were either stuck for a split second on it or had to jump from it immediatly (at least it felt like it).

I also loved the banter of my ghost companion and that it kept track of my deaths!

Keep up your work! :)