Reviews for "Meet me at NG"

a great summary of newgrounds and a creative way of showing it. this actually would work really smoothly as an advert. then again i have a soft spot for content related to newgrounds. i like all the little cameos. at first i thought the nude art thing was a reference to the nsfw side of newgrounds though for a sec.

Pinbin responds:

You can interpret it like that if you like. ;)
But I tried to keep it more "family friendly", just so it would be suitable for everyone and easier to spread.

Although with that said... I might have hidden some things that can be associated with the nsfw side of NG. ewe

"Freeedom of choice for me and you my friend!"

Woohooo!! Wunderbarem!!

It's short, yet covers a whole lot and gets to the point. I love that!

Compared to so many other websites in more recent times, who I feel have been going down the shitter with each passing year, (such as Tumblr, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook to name a few) Newgrounds surprisingly only has gotten better since I first discovered it in 2009 and it pains me that it's not more popular.

Anyhow, good animation, and frontpage-worthy!

Such a nice advert for our home!