Reviews for "Bad Girl"

I love this

I love how the arms and legs are everywhere here, and love the "VIBRANT" color used even in the "BACKROUND" I would suggest some texture in the backround though, So what I got from this art piece was that it was ok, could use some more effort and, could probably use some improvments here and there, but otherwise its a pretty decent piece I thought and very symbolic aswell as appropriately defined only in a way you can bring forward

I would suggest some texture in the backround though


Straight up amazing! I love the color of the background, the pose, the little stickers on the bat, the face mask, and much more. This piece talks and it does it well. Love it!

crisp, dynamic pose, great detail and lines~ love it

Is this a Jojo reference?

She doesn't look like a boy, but if she did, it would be awesome anyway. Nice style