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Reviews for "Hexagon and On"


Zanzlanz responds:

What gets me is the difficulty name "hardestestest" hahah!

1983: Best song ever! 2017: Blast from the past!

Zanzlanz responds:

Omg yeah! I really love modern chiptunes :D The sound really work well with dance music. Thanks again!

Well...I need a copy of Dubnia now XD ~Skiddle

Zanzlanz responds:

I look forward to the day Dubnia is releasable! I need to make it happen xD

I love this
Can I use this in a GD level? 8)
thanks. (Im pretty bad at writing this)

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks TCJTL! :D
Yes you can use the track for a level, definitely! You can use any of my music if you want.

Very Awesome Chiptune I must say. And a quick question, Have you ever decide to make a Chiptune song with Chipzel herself? :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thanks! :D

Hm I'm sure it'd be a blast to work with Chipzel! But no I never thought about doing a collab.
It'd be pretty hard to arrange that, since we have completely different hardware and software setups. And well, I'm inexperienced in music compared to her.

But it'd still probably be a blast XD Thanks again!