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Reviews for "Hexagon and On"

I really LOVE this song, the music is well structured and is entertaining to listen to, in addition to the idea of making a level with the music is very good!!

although could you give me permission to use it on YouTube? because I just uploaded a video to my channel with this song because I had done a level of hexagon and youtube is sending me copyright for the song xD

the video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVM8eHCBRrw&t=10s

Zanzlanz responds:

OMG I'm so sorry for missing this review until now! First of all, thanks so much for your kind comment about the music :D
It's cool to see it in a Super Hexagon-related track now :) I like the UI you have in yours! Nice work, I really love it!!

Anyway, yes! I give you (Roboto) permission to monetize your video containing my music (in particular "Hexagon and On") in your YouTube video. If you need additional proof that I give you permission, there's a page on my website with my general permission:

I think all you have to do is tell YouTube that I'm totally fine with that stuff.
But yeah I'm sorry about the Content ID claim. I'm currently unable to fix this myself, as it's a third party controlling the rights management :S They've been taking over two months to reply to my emails about this exact issue, and are being surprisingly unhelpful. But you should be able to dispute the claim and get revenue again yourself.
Let me know if it works out or not!

Thanks again :D

wow you should have been the composer for the original game! or if they make a new game they should hire you for most of the music, cause this is chipzel style!
I hope serponge didn't give up on the level xD

Zanzlanz responds:

Woah that's really kind of you to say! :D Thanks so much! I feel like this year I've improved a lot with making chiptune stuff like this (probably thanks to Serponge's request), so your review means a lot to me c:

And Serponge mentioned he lost his vision on the level that this was suppose to be in, but he might be working on something else for it! ;D

I wish there was a sixth star, then they could make a hexagon(and on)!
I found the melody a bit annoying after the 2 minute mark, but it was still amazingly catchy and I love it!

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks a bunch! :O And thanks for the favorite as well!
Yes, it's definitely not easy to make the song go on for so long with new melodies and a similar mood - normally stuff like this will have some sort of break in the middle, but not here! :D

This is a really neat song! Can you describe what you mean by creating the sounds with your own software? Sounds pretty interesting. Great job with the track as well

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you dude! :D

I'll elaborate on that for sure! I made a lot of the main sounds with a program I made in Flash, called Dubnia Studio. I saved the loops I created in Dubnia, and loaded them into FL Studio (which is way more powerful for making music haha).

Right before I made Hexagon and On, I made a plugin for Dubnia Studio that creates these really GameBoy/NES-sounding noisy square wave effects. I think the first minute is basically all with that plugin, plus a kick drum haha. So that's really the extent of it.

Recently, I converted the plugin to a true VST, so I can use it directly in FL Studio! Here's a little demonstration I made of the VST itself: https://streamable.com/3m2hd
I'm really interested in making more stuff like this. Audio programming is complex and fun to experiment with - I think there's a lot for me to explore.

I don't have a good video of Dubnia Studio itself unfortunately. It's just a side-project I started for me to have a really easy framework to make sounds with. But I guess here's a random gif of me implementing a scalable window - it shows some of its features in the process: https://i.imgur.com/ZYj7ZL4.gif

Let me know if you have any other questions about it! :) Thanks again!

Damn dude this is amazing chip-stuff!

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thanks so much Alkali!