Reviews for "Point_Line"

music and visuals goes really well
its a fun game
same mechanics all the way but good level design
soo if feels like you are playing in other ways per level
nicely done

is this also on the iphone?

it's kinda annoying

That's a nice and challenging minimalist game right there. Takes a bit of learning the patterns of the lines and spamming the spacebars in the hopes that it doesn't hit you on the back.

this game has a big affect on the spacebar games only market, if I could make reviewing video games my job I would. you sir have a grade B game, and don't take it too lightly. this minimal style, and full aggravation gameplay is a 9th wonder of the world. you spent what I assume to be weeks on the polish and sound design of the engine. it's super sleek and full of boops and beeps <3