Reviews for "Voxel Bot"

I can definitely dig a tribute to Q*bert.

I think the death animation should be a bit shorter.. maybe you could get rid of the "try again".

almost like Q-BERT. I LOVE IT

im a lot better at this than i am at q-bert thats for sure

It's a good game for sure, but I feel like the difficulty suddenly spikes quite brutally at level 12, thanks to the monster AI. The fact that they go after you relentlessly and move as fast as they do makes it incredibly easy to become trapped when the levels are as small as they are. Perhaps if they moved a bit slower and/or didn't ALWAYS chase you, it would seem a bit less unfair. I barely made it past level 12 after a ridiculously large number of attempts, then after an even more ridiculous number of attempts at level 13 I sadly decided I have to give up, which is a shame as I was enjoying the game up to that point. Perhaps I just need to "git gud", but I thought I'd share my experience anyway...