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Reviews for "The Last Balloon"

this took me a fucking hour.


maybe high scores for the time could be cool.

The Last Balloon is prob one of if not my favourite game of yours. Here's some things I noticed that I really really liked:

- It's a perfect toy. This is basically the super mario 64 equivalent of the fact that this game is still fun even if you strip away everything and leave just the balloon and the character

- The atmosphere is amazing. Everything from the sound design to the colors is just perfect. I love how subtly you made an entire world and story without a single line of text. The background and title is just obscure enough to give the player that "aha" moment when they realize it's literally the last balloon.

- A key thing that games like this do wrong is they don't give the player hope. Difficult games are easy to abandon if you have no idea how long it will last. You solved that problem in the most elegant way I can't believe I never thought of it. Seriously, I can't get over how smart it is to let the player run from the end to the beginning before starting. SO GOOD

THIS VIDEO GAME MAKES MY TINY 8 YEAR OLD HANDS FEEL LIKE A HAMMER WAS DROPPED ON MY FEET! these controls are like good, and the story is like...there. but damn yo, hard.

This game is so simple and fun. very challenging.
harder than Dark Souls.

Someone help me I do not understand the game is great but I can not pass it to me.