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Reviews for ""Collection" A Rwby Fow style animation"

Very fitting. Also, more RWBY art; yay.

Definitely got the FOW vibes.
everything is executed amazingly!
but the model is a bit broken giving the film a low quality look (as far as visuals go)
but still a 5 star film considering the fact that you took the risk and it paid off!

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

That's all I could ask for! :D yeah there are things I just have to accept will always be present but I do the best I can. I'm glad it paid off!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

this was awesome

Can you do the other girls please?

Definitely a nice animation. I think that Skudd's voice is a bit quiet for my liking, but it doesn't hinder the rest of the work. The animation is pretty fluid. All in all I'd say this is pretty good.