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Reviews for ""Collection" A Rwby Fow style animation"

Drugs are bad ok so 4.5 stars for now

The animation is very well done but I do have critiques. You did a very good job in regards to the motion good work. I'd say work more on the lighting in future projects as lighting definitely sets a tone. Add some music to the background, it'll bring more life to the scenes you make.

Overall really well done. I hope that this feedback can help you improve even more :)

Definitely got the FOW vibes.
everything is executed amazingly!
but the model is a bit broken giving the film a low quality look (as far as visuals go)
but still a 5 star film considering the fact that you took the risk and it paid off!

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

That's all I could ask for! :D yeah there are things I just have to accept will always be present but I do the best I can. I'm glad it paid off!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Like the style and the animation, though now I'm interested to see what is going on with the rest of team RWBY and how all this came about looking forward to the rest of the story great work.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

Thanks! No solid plans on releases but I am certainly inclined to so both a prequel and sequel :)

Definitely a nice animation. I think that Skudd's voice is a bit quiet for my liking, but it doesn't hinder the rest of the work. The animation is pretty fluid. All in all I'd say this is pretty good.