Reviews for "Instrex - Starbreaker"

Very unique drops with the fast paced... wubby sounds n stuff. Good job!

Instrex responds:

Thank you :D

Great dude. Inb4 Starbreaker Circles xddd

Instrex responds:

ok xD

(I0I) NICE!!!

Instrex responds:


The high end on the snare is a bit high, you might want to bring up the mid a bit or turn down the highs. As BurgeraX said, the sidechain is a bit loud and some of the growls get drowned out.
I really like the lead you used! It sounds really nice. As stated, the growls can be a bit quiet, but they sound good too. This song is well mixed and I think you kept it varied enough throughout the song to keep it from being stale or boring
Overall, nice track! 4.5/5 :)

Instrex responds:

I always had problems with the mix, but I'll try to equalize the snare a little :)

Thanks for the nice review, I'll try to fix the problems :D

Well done, the growls sound like they are too quiet. that or either theyre sidechained to the kick too hard but thats okay its not too noticable. Also the chords in the background couldve been louder and or had more layers too them :P. The lead was pretty good, and also the spag heddy type sound in your drop, little tip if you distort them more itd make it more filling and more gritty. at about 3:07 is cool but it is a little empty, although i can tell u meant to do that by bringing the volume down after every bar and such. But i like the idea you had here. It was well done, not perfect, but it was enjoyable overall.

Good Job :0

Instrex responds:

Yeah, I noticed that the growl was too quiet, but I just did not want to repeat the same sound several times, so I decided to diversify it a little... Bad idea :)

Thanks for the review, dude :D