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Reviews for "Travelling Deity - Full episode"

So Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see where this series goes.

I almost gave this 4 stars as I wasn't entirely happy with the art style, BUT the fact it was able to tell a compelling story with barely any intelligible words made up for that! 5 Stars.

Beautifully done, the music is smooth and wonderful. The artwork and animation is amazing, and the story is simple and easy to understand without anyone talking. Hope to see more.

How did you make this?

You certainly need more context to understand these episodes... the flashbacks work in time, and when it's all over you've grasped it, but it also feels so much more fragmented than 'the original'. Not as easy to understand. Not as obvious with the lack of words, either, whereas the first arc had that part down perfectly.

I do love the atmosphere though, the moments, the characters... intriguing to see where this leads, and I guess I'd best watch it from the first episode onward rather than jumping in mid-series...