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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

I enjoy idle games, and this has been a fun little diversion. However, I encountered an unfortunate bug in the late game. I reached Fortified Town 2 in my battles, and noticed that as I finished [5/5], the chest appeared but no skulls came out. I continued fighting through Fortified Town 3, thinking maybe I'd blinked or looked away and just not noticed, but this time as I finished [5/5] I watched carefully and sure enough, no skulls. I also noticed that up on the skulls button it said "+-299692..."
So I clicked the button and on doing so I could see that my Added after restart value was "+-299692921" In other words, the integer flipped to negative, and sure enough, it's now impossible to buy any bonuses or restart. Actually correction, it will let me sell off bonuses to decrease my "debt", and it looks like I could Apply & Restart those changes, but I have no desire to do so. So now my game is stuck, I had accumulated several million skulls that I was looking forward to applying to my Demons, but it looks like I can't do that unless some sort of bug fix is applied (in a way that will fix the save game, mind you).

Anyway, up until that point it was quite fun.

The game save system is broken.

It worked a few times, but deleted my progress when I returned to the game today.

Other than that the game is OK, though short on actual things to do.

After like 7 rounds you practically beat the game, but it still a frickin' addicting game...
I got the difficulty 201, and there is no visual, only white XD.

Since I am not familiar with the game concept, I had no idea what was going on or how things happen.

It was fun until my computer crashed and the game didn't restore. :/