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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

This game is really interesting! I like the concept, the combination of card games and clicker games isn't like anything I've seen before. Although it does vaguely remind me of these fantasy card-based games I've seen on the App Store. One of them is called Card Thief, maybe you should check them out for further inspiration. I like how the premise makes a good deal of sense. Only a few criticisms. I'm not sure most people would be too keen/able to cope with the concept of restarting the game plus those bonuses and going all the way back to where they were before. Second, sometimes after you find an amulet in a chest, the amulet gets stuck on the screen until you bring up the attack interface. I would also appreciate it if the attack interface had a map function so you could see where you'd been and how far you are along now. That would make it much easier to appreciate progress made in this game. Overall, a lot of potential and hopefully you can make an iOS port as well for me to play when I'm not on the computer.

I think i just finished it.
Still feel unbalanced. Money from the invasions is super lame, at first is super slow, but then it gets really fast wehn you get at least 30 skulls.


Honestly, this game is broken. Literally broken. It's fun! But it's only fun while it lasts. I'm about three days into playing now. I honestly enjoyed being able to buy more cards to be dealt in each hand. The price of the next card was a great way to set goals, and know when to reap rewards and start over with bonuses. The gradual (at first) improvement of your raiding party was also a fun process, and limited how far you could proceed in each run. But there needed to be one of two things. 1. Infinite relevant upgrades and tiers of enemies. or 2. An ending. See, at this point, I feel like I have, arguably, won the game. I have 3.05(25) terror. That would be 3.05 X 10^25 terror. Or 30500000000000000000000000 terror. I have absolutely nothing to spend this on. I could keep upgrading my monsters, but, why? Nothing to spend the even more accelerated profit on when the hands are dealt. I had over 1.9 BILLION skull coins, last time I looked and got a valid answer. Now I have "+-179555687" I don't even know what that means. But I know that I didn't have anything to spend them on when it was 1.9 billion +. So if I have more now, whoopee. I cannot buy new card slots. I am out of minions to buy. My raiding party is maxed out. Literally I have the most elite team available, consisting of the toughest minions, with the highest number of upgrades that each minion can carry. I have so much equipment on that party that enemies disappear in around 4 seconds. I am also at difficulty 206 on those fights. Know what happens when you go too far in those fights? Eventually, "Fortified Town 3" type of names, give way to "ERROR KEY battle location.41" type of names. Also the image I would click on to start a fight is now a blank white square. If the game was going to run to the point where there was literally nothing left to do, give us a boss fight? A final showdown! Let us WIN and rule the world. Instead we just got a bunch of breakdowns that spell out "The author figured you'd give up by now." To everyone that got frustrated when their saved games disappeared... I have to tell you, you got lucky. There's nothing for you at the end. You saved your time and effort when that happened. This game was written with a lack of consideration to the player. I'm going to start over one more time, just to see what happens. I'm just hoping it seizes and breaks. I'm not even going to bother running through again. I do have screenshots. Message me if anyone wants them.

EDIT: Oh... Wow. It is a NEGATIVE number of skull coins! I can't spend them. I can only sell the upgrades back! BROKEN! Was this an integer overflow? Oh you should have prevented this from being possible. Did you intentionally break the "save" feature, to prevent people from reaching this point? (I didn't utilize a save game, I just left my laptop on.) I hit "Apply and restart," with NEGATIVE skull coins! Negative 151826953 of them!!! And it applied the +5% terror bonus for each one of them, but AS A NEGATIVE. Every card that is dealt is now sending me millions of terror into debt. I can never buy anything. My game is now OVER. I got sent to gaming HELL for being too good at this. This thing is broken as fuck. It is now paying out with a modifier of -769134765% (offset by whatever my positive modifier was, previously.)

EDIT: Last laugh... I reloaded... For ME, the save game feature, is working. HA!

Kept playing until the game broke. Got to ~150 Difficulty and the battle name started giving me error names, ~180 gave me white boxes where the towns were supposed to be, and at ~210 the game broke and my browser gave me a java script error. All within a 24 hour period. Pretty cool, but I was expecting an ending. I guess breaking the game is a pretty evil ending lmao.

Feels like a cookie clicker game a little bit.