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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

Not shabby at all given its simplicity. Very noice!

Ehhh... it didn't take my save info, apparently. Frustrating, but I'll just export it manually each time.

ONE THING I'D LIKE is if each time the cards show up or whatever, it lists the TOTAL for that hand. That'd be useful.


I concur with those who say it needs an ending. If it had like achievements and shit, then no, but because it doesn't, you should set a final level.

I'd love it if you'd allow an option to also automate the end of the battle so I don't have to click OK and double click the chest and all that. I'd rather focus my efforts on the cards.

Also, I dislike how the first battles offer no rewards. I have to go through those first battles every time. It'd tedious. And the rewards always seem to stay the same. 1 skull, then a necklace, then this, then that, and then 2 skulls.

Very great game. Some words are misspeled tho,should get that working but no seriously 9/10

This is really a game of strategic math. I enjoyed it. The lack of instructions made some of the game confusing initially- I would have finished in half the time if there were instructions. Once you start using the card multipliers- the terror points directly above each type of card stay the same which was confusing- while the total terror point multiple as they should- these should align - please fix as I initially was not sure if I understood how the multipliers worked.

The game goes on forever even after you collect all the monster - I think you should have an end point- maybe some type of score board?

Note to those that think the game is taking too long- this definitely has to be played over multiple days or a week- if you feel like you are grinding than it is time to turn in your skulls- I don't want to give away the best strategy because that is part of the fun!!!

Right, so for starters, I've been playing this game for the past few weeks and my progress has never been reset once, so all idk what's up with all these sad niBBas.
The game was really addicting at first and I'd play it for ages, but as time went on, it gradually became less fun. Prices of the monsters you use to battle became ridiculously high, and getting to that amount took quite a long time. I also didn't use any of the death coins as I was unsure if they would actually reset my progress. But yeah, that's it ig.

Edit: nevermind my hours of progress are gone

Every time I come back to this game, my progress has been reset further and futher back. I'm practically back to a restart after playing for over a week. Fix your shit