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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

my progress is gone..

This is a cute game, it could do with some medals tho

This is just a good game made boring and awful.
With grinding mechanics and repeating the game back to lv0 after you get an upgrade on one of your minion's.

The Saving Mechanics is a very low class type of saving, When you Save, It gives you a code, but not game code like normal, it Gives you a (Export code for binary to some times dots and letters) and its quite difficult to do if your not the type of person who's expert on Computers.
because it makes you want to put you to save the file on a note pad and them copy the game archives it puts quite the effort in putting it in the computer file and go on, And to put it on the folder that has this game.

That's just a lazy, And quite honestly it required to be change to a better safety feature since (people will not gonna try to make an effort to save if the safety feature is complicated to do)

And i have try to give this game a chance 3 times now.
But there's nothing else after, the background doesn't change, getting more skulls get harder after the prices seem to increase after you put one, (And after using one of the skulls) your file resets back to zero MEANING you have to do it all over again back to Square one!

This game is just a shore with little options, And most of all there's nothing you can do, It's just login, click it and then log out with just 10 secs or less, there nothing more to do.

you f****d my progress, junjo, i was ALMOST ending this madness, but it seems like the new update have to f*** it up once, and for all.

All my progress is gone now...