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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

its suckkkk clicker

I completely agree with the review before mine. This game just needs a proper ending but other than that, it's a fresh take on a genre that's been done to death these past few years. I hope to see Junjo complete this and smooth it out.
EDIT: I started playing this again, and after using prestige and restarting continuously I began to see how this game is not only addictive but how a lot of thought has been put into it too. After finishing it, I concluded that it's a charming albeit relatively shorter idle game. There is an option to continue if you wish, but I consider that hard-mode bonus material and it shouldn't be held against the game itself if it's slower paced. I originally rated 3.5 but I upped that because this game seems polished and I see more charm to it now.

Before i start this review.. if you dont like dedicating a bit of time each day to playing this along side being patient then this is not for you!

This is a wicked little idle click game with progress depending on time dedicated to it. The aim is to click the cards and gain money to buy armies and cards for progressing to fight villagers obtaining objects and skull for upgrades along the way. this can taken some time to do and lots of resets as you go but by doing so you will become stronger over time and the game will become easier and quicker to build armies and cash.

im really enjoying this so far and have been playing to for a week or so.. as you can imagine i have progressed well.. its nice if you leave it in the background or come back to it and smash away at your mouse slowly destrying the left click with what life it has left lol

The only real gripe i have with it so far is the save feature.. i have tested the function and it doesnt always seem to remember prorgress even though it has a 1 minute constant save... so my advice is when you have fininshed go to export your data copy/paste when you return so you have not wasted your time coming back to no progress!

Reset progress for the second time, and no endgame or closure as the fights after zone 50 are zone_ERROR. The skulls system is also completely unbalanced as they double each 5 zones and you just end up with more than you can spend. I mean it's a cool concept but why would you upload unfinished garbage?

pretty boring m8