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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

fun "cookie clicker" game. the key word here being idle. the original processor happy battery drainer dates back to 2013. cookieclicker.fandom.com/wiki/Cookie_Clicker_Wiki or wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_Clicker will provide more information than that.

nice implementation of away time progression. :)

this game is repetitive, and not interesting. there is a huge jump early on between upgrades which makes me think that this is intended to be a pay to play clicker for your phone.
there is little payoff for you patience and in general I hate everything that pay to play games stand for aswell as what pay to play consumers are doing to the industry.
you are my very first 0 star, sorry dude.

Would love to write a comment about this game but I see that no comments were answered by the op, so why should I waste my time. (Wasted it quite a bit on this game though, already)

Great idle game, spend 2 mins, then idle for hours. Excellent for a gamer too busy to play.

I got hooked into this for like 2 hours and now my wrist hurts from having to click so many times.