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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

Dislike the forced tutorial. I thought I had to wait until I had enough money to play. The start is pretty slow as well. Both of these would probably make some people quit the game before it properly starts.

Coming up to the point where I've got multiple cards, it feels like Idle Dice but slower.

Combat feels slow but kind of rewarding, although not enough to keep an eye on the wait bar.

Quited at level 6. I got bored for too long.

I am currently at: [ERROR KEY battle.location.38]

Did you actually finish the game? Or are you gonna leave us hanging here.

This game is so garbage that I wanted see how garbage it was.

The chest at the end of the battle has the chance to freeze randomly, making you unable to do anything. Refreshing the page would remove any buy-able x2 upgrades on the units that generate terror. You kept any upgrades you already bought but progressing would be near impossible because you don't have the x2 upgrade that you bought, forcing you to restart.

At level 36, the battle location name becomes an error. A few levels later, the image location becomes blank. At level 40 the game crashes and any attempt to start the game just crashes it.

The game itself is unbearably slow at the start and the just suddenly blows up when you are able to clear a certain level far later in the game. I would've liked it more if the deck just barfed the cards on me rather than show them painfully one at a time. Early battles are awful since the terror rewards aren't great and certain fights become a wall very fast. The card system is very slots like which was interesting but needing to buy the card for the multiply and duplicate bonus was meh. Then needing to fuse them together to use them was just another wall. New minions stopped at 15, but at that point you had all the skulls you needed which made all the the battles and grinding easy.

Overall, its a game with an irritating upgrade system, a battle system that was lackluster and time consuming to run thru, and an unfinished pile of trash with no payoff.

[A warning that it was incomplete or lacked an ending would've been nice.]

very fun game. maybe add some more things to do after the first restart. I like the battling a lot. simple and good, but it does become repetitive. maybe add some kind of RPG to the battles. But in all, it is a good game and has potental.
Ps. Spells during battles would be cool.

Keep up the great work!

Interesting concept I would love to see you expand, I really enjoyed how you did the pixel artwork. Not that there isn't enough product but maybe change around heavily relying on afking like you did with the battles. If you like the heavy idling though it's great.